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Thursday, January 19, 2012


So What exactly is truckspotting.

Simply put it is an initiative to stop entry of trucks (read heavy vehicles) within city limits (Western Suburbs - Dahisar towards south mumbai, Eastern Suburbs - Mulund towards South Mumbai) during peak traffic hours. 

As per Mumbai traffic police, (022-24937755/24937746/25940303 , entry of heavy vehicles is not allowed within city limits between morning 7 to 11 and evening 6 to 10. This means, we the common citizens of Mumbai, should have access to the narrow expressways (western or eastern) minus the heavy vehicles.

That said, number of heavy vehicles, find their way in the city by means of bribing the traffic cops. Result is we get rowdy truckies driving freely, blocking our already choked roads. No wonder we find lot of trucks conked of on a flyovers, parked on sideways, not allowing to overtake, or simply blocking your way.

All this at peak time between 7 to 11 in morning and 6 to 10 in evening.

Your and mine net loss, we loose out on peace of mind on road, we either get late to office, or miss out on spending some time with our family while going back home.

I understand it is not healthy to point out only one form of vehicle (trucks) and blame them for all traffic ongestion problems, but if we were to break the problem into parts, Truck/Heavy Vehicle forms a significant chunk,and must be addressed.

So how does #truckspotting initiaitve helps ?

Well as citizens it is an effort to collect as much  documentary evidence we can about truckers entering city during peak hours (remember morning 7 to 11 and evening 6 to 10), collate this information (with details like truck no, Time of day and location within city - remember we dont want to create false cases) with pictures (could be from your mobile phones) and upload on twitter with a hashtag #truckspotting.

Alternatively you could email pictures on

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