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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brand relevance - functional or imagery led.

Came across a google doodle today, as each one of us would have come across these doodles at multiple time.

What suprises me is that the google logo is quite amorphous, changing often and has not fixed form. I dont imagine Google to be in a specific font, form, colour, background or context. Dont even know if they would have invested in creating a brand manual.

What comes to my mind when I think google is its functionality, its benefits, its utility. Dont really care what it looks like. So a functional elements of the brand score over the aesthetics/brand look & feel.

Does it point to an emerging trend amongst consumers. Do we want brands to be functionally relevant, and dont want them to spend money to create brand image, so that you and me will pay for it subsequently.

Is that a trend, or is it only relevant to digital space.

Good through to start the day ?

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