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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last 2 days have been a flurry of media news denouncing terrorism in mumbai and glorifying spirit of mumbai, a city which never stops.

This has been the story everytime terrorism strikes mumbai. Politicians glorifying, saluting spirit of mumbai, and media amplifying this message to create a sheep mentality. Everybody in mumbai believes that he or she is contributing to this "spirit of mumbai" and hence continue with their life as if"nothing happended".

While I too believe in this "spirit of mumbai", what I hate is that arent we being taken for a ride by the politicians. Are politicians not using this opportuity to deprive us fo what we rightfully deserve.

If for a moment I defocus from the carnage of last 2 days, and focus on all the trauma Mumbai has gone through in last 2 years, and ask politicians what is it they have done to ensure saftey of common mumbaikars.

Terrorism threats, non existent infrastructure, pathetic public transport, polluted environment, pigeon holes to call home, unaffordable housing, all this and more is what we are living with. As if that is not enough for you to test our "Spirit".

Dont test our patience, dont test the spirit till it dies.

Imagine a scenario when mumbaikar decides not to take this shit lying down. Protest, not on streets but through changing our thought process. Making each one of reading this mail, believe that they can also change the city, they can force the politicians to be accountable. To excercise our right of being a pain for the authorities till they relent, and give in to our rights.

We need a change, and that change has to begin within us first.

As an individual I have taken a first step in sending this message to all politicians, and to all news channels.

If you too want to action this, please send it to your corporator, friend, politicians you know. Let them hear our mind, and hopefully .......change.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

how to get things done

It might sound like a typical "street smart" phrase "kam nikalna aana chaiye", but managing a team is much more then that.
Because getting things done from an outsourced vendor is much more easier then getting work done from an internal team.

I am learning the team management traits here, and relishing the learning phase. Basic principal of growth is to "not to do the tried and tested", however that still needs to be done. So who takes the tab. What I mean by "Tried and tested" is basic hygeine work of client servicing, or mere media planning basics.

This is where your team comes handy and useful (in ideal scenario). I say this not because I have a bad team, but I take p:ride in the fact that I have people who think,and who have their own thoughts on business.

I think as a manager of people one needs to understand the fine line of difference between a ruling and hence a mandatory "force down the throat decision" to more democratic and inclusive decision.

After all that is the term "Managers".

I am learning a new chapter in my professional life to drive things through people, and I must say it is a fantastic learning experience. An experience which on one hand teaches me humility and respect for people, on other other hand pushes me to have self confidence and self belief in what I am doing.

A very eclectic mix of people belief and self belief I must say.

Monsoon fury raising a storm in my mind

Today mumbai experienced its worst monsoon fury this season. It has been raining constantly since yesterday night, and the whole of today morning. Wondering why this piece of weather info reflects on my blog today.

Well reason being today witnesses at least 4-5 key people missing in action from our prabhadevi office today (including me).

How does one justify this sheer lack of attendance in office on Tuesday morning (may not be so bright morning, but still). Well blame it on BMC (Bombay municipal Corporation .. for the uninitiated). I took at least 2 hrs. to travel a mere 10 km. from my residence in borivali (East) to Goregaon.

And to top it all there was a mis informed radio channels communicating about conflicting news of a high tide/low tide to make sure the listnership keep on rising.

All this apart, can this ever be tolerated in any other ambitious city. A city which is raring for growth, and equipped well enough with right talent. Not that my mind accepts.

I think this is a sheer apathy from government authorities to recognise needs of people of mumbai. But that is a often beaten to death discussion.

My objective of writing this post is to understand what can I do as a citizen of this country and this state. Can I for example initiate a non co operation movement with BMC/MMRDA/or what ever acronym authorities would like to adopt. A non cooperation to pay taxes, to use public transport (till they adhere to basic minimum requirements), etc.

Problem is I as an individual can do this, but that doesn't bother the politicians/bureaucrats. And to create a movement, you have to be a leader (strictly in political sphere) which current situations don't merit/allow.

Any ideas as to how to create a community, without actively seeking a political ambitions in life.

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