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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bad Manager's diary

During my working experience of a decade and half, I have worked with some good and some bad colleagues/seniors/peer. All have contributed significantly in shaping me. They have been an integral part of my professional grooming.

Today I came across an article which beautifully narrates what contributes to employees having a bad experience at work. Authored by Liz Ryan from Business Week, borrowed by ET, this note beautifully explains things which most of us (intentionally/un intentionally) say some point in time, and what they mean to your colleagues/juniors. Good read, and a special credit to Liz taylor for penning it down.

# 1 If you dont want this job, I'll find someone who does it :  disgusting thought, Why in the first place you hired the person. As much as it is employees job to do things, it is senior/employers job to ensure necessary support, motivation & hand holding is done. Threatening employee will never deliver anything.

#2 I dont pay you to think : Then go and hire a robot. I may not think on same lines as you do, and I do respect that there can be often only one right thinking, but I still have a right to think. Change in thought process can be brought by delivering results, leading by example, and not by stating such things.

# 3 No social networking /entertainment sites while in office : ???????? Utter dis respect for the fact that every employee is a human being, and hence a social animal. How can you expect them to grow when thier exposure level is being clipped. To draw a line between excessive social networking and hence zero deliverable is a noble thought. But rather insist on weeding out the bad crop, and not keep a blanket dictat.

# 4 Who gave you permission to do that : Have you hired slaves ? Or still worst dogs who cannot wag a tail till you dont ask them to. Only machines work that way, and machines dont have a brain. With humans you can excercise limited authority, and talk them through the fact that why they are not allowed to take few decisions. It can be an aspirational thing for them to earn that authority and perform.

#5 Drop everything and do this NOW: Why ?. Did you earn the right to change somebody's calendar, because you did not plan yours ?. Urgent revertals are fine, and should be used to enhance service capabilities, but dont make it a norm.

#6 Dont bring me problems, bring me solutions : Could be a good way to encourage your team to think creative and be self starter. But dont act as if you yourself dont know the solution. Encourage creative thinking, and put ideas which lead up to the solution.

#7 When I was your age, I did so many things : Please dont burden me with your legacy or lack of it. I dont care what times you went through, and this doesent mean I dont respect your ordeals. But what is the relevance of those things - today. Its a different day, its a different world, different times. Why dont we together tackle it and not together live in your past.

#8 In these times you're lucky to have a job at all : Dont act GOD. A self respecting person will fend, and get his livelihood. Any job is not bigger than self respect,  so please dont rub it the wrong way. You would rather control fools and egoists in your company by promoting someone who is humble, deserving, but dont act GOD.

#9 You are enjoying on my hard work/my money : So why dont your enjoy alone ? No successful enterprise is born out of ME ME ME syndrome. There is a cost of doing business and you got to pay that. Dont be a miser in thinking that I will earn but not pay, and if paying means it goes through your hard earned money, well you got to pay a cost for making more money.

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