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Friday, August 31, 2007

Today I lost one of my very close friend. Abhijit vakil in many ways was a special friend. Talented, multifaceted, and very solution oriented person. Struggler throughout his life, he has been a friend I would miss throughout my life. I am a bit sad today, coz I remember small moments I shared with him. I am particularly hurt about the way life behaved with him, and future of his wife, son and daughter. 34 years is no age to die. I am also at loss as to why a battery of doctors have not been able to help him on cancer. Doctors literally played with his money and his hopes. After spending so much of time and money in hospitals like breach candy, all he got was a early death. Post this incident I have realised how life can be cruel at times and can snatch away your friends from you.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Iam eager to explore opinions, opinions about me, my work, my approach to... Work, life, friendship. I often wonder that how does one improve upon self. Friends, colleagues do give you opinion. Is there someone who is reading this blog and bother to key in some real bad things, with a dash of some goodness which I demonstrated during working/ interacting with them$ feedbacks awaited.

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