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Friday, August 10, 2007


Iam eager to explore opinions, opinions about me, my work, my approach to... Work, life, friendship. I often wonder that how does one improve upon self. Friends, colleagues do give you opinion. Is there someone who is reading this blog and bother to key in some real bad things, with a dash of some goodness which I demonstrated during working/ interacting with them$ feedbacks awaited.


giraffe said...

how can you be a critic? critics are those people who has no work but to check others and find fault.
Your critic should be ur parents or ur better halF. Who always compliment from bottom of their hearts, who criticize with a pinch of pain.These people are the best critic.
But away from home , if someone says good about you all the time be careful....he just cornering you for something BIG!!!
In your are a maverick...i had learnt lots from you.All my life i will be happy i met a person like you...who have good solutions for anything and everything.
Keep in touch...
Shyam .....09972522077(that too if u feel u want to keep in touch!!!)

mrunalketkar said...

hey Ashish,

There are very few people in this world who actualy believe in there "Karma" rather then looking for any personal intrests and you are one of them.

I think you are a soul who only believes in hardwork that too in a methodical way which is wonderful.
you put in all your efforts, energy in helping people around you,make them learn new things understand situation and handle them in a better way.

people who are good at heart and generous as you some times are so involved in educating/nurturing there juniors/colleages that even with there open eyes they cant see some one harming themselves...

so would like to tell you that you have infinite knowledge but choose the people whom you wanna bless with thatbecause all of them are not worth it.

i think "keep walking" is your favourite punch line. ( hey dont relate any brand to it rite now,i am serous.)

so wish you very best of luck.

more and more sucesses to come your way.



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