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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is there something wrong with your workplace......

How often do we leave our office space with lots of thoughts, and complains about the way things are moving. Complains about how client(s) are creating problem(s), complains about how the whole process is fucked up. Lack of infrastructure, Lack of discipline, Lack of sincerity, Lack of quality manpower etc etc...

I dont think there is an end to this, but yes there is a supposedly (we will come back to this later..) solution to this. Just change the job. Bosses are not listening, colleagues dont pay a damn, pay scale is not right, will get a 30 % jump if I shift, these and many similar reasons work towards you taking the plunge.

Things are pretty well for a period of 2-3 years, and then .. bingo you get the same familiar feeling. Isnt that jobs becoming too predictable.

Not really.

I guess answer lies somewhere else. How often have I tried to change the way things are moving. How often do I believe that if things have to change, I have to drive it.

In my experience of over 10 year, I have worked across 4 organisations, and have found faults at every place. But have I tried to change them, or have I changed the place of work itself. I think I too choose the easy way out.

Going back to the supposedly phrase.... we think this is a better choice and hence go for it. But I think in this hurry to choose, we miss out on a major opportunity. Opportunity to change the things, and hence craft a organisation as per your and like minded colleagues.

Collective leadership is perhaps about finding such opportunities, finding such a team who think like you, and wre willing to work towards a common goal, and hence are partners in progress. Results when you find such a team are always bound to be favourable. Afterall you have not gone for an easy option, but dared to change things.

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