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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Street Children and us...

I often go out for a drive in the night, or on a weekend with aditi,and ananya. Whenever we reach a traffic signal we are terrified by the sight of a poor child, or even infant in hands of a beggar, asking for alms.

Is it not a crime to make these children beg for money, when they don't even understand the significance of it. They are forced to beg, sometimes beated, sometimes drugged just to present a poor image, and gain sympathy.

I fail to understand that why cant government make child begging a crime, and the offenders should be put behind bars. There should not be a single child found begging. The mafia lord should be punished,so that they don't encourage this racket.

We have kind of immuned ourselves to corruption,and lack of action from government, but i cannot withstand an officer who ignores such nonsense and overlooks child begging.

I am going to find is there a law which prohibits child begging and can be used to impose this strictly.

Whenever I see a child begging,on a traffic signal,or railway station,my heart cries. What that child has done to deserve this kind of apathy.

When I see ananya needing so much of support from me and aditi, I cannot imagine how these street children grow up, and for what. Aren't parents to be squarely blamed for this.

A parent who cannot take responsibility of upbringing a child, should not have an ability to give birth to a child. I wish sexual capabilities of such individuals were directly linked to their responsible nature.


Ravi Kiran said...

They say indignation is the source of progress. I wish more people were as indignant about obvious unfairness as you Ashish. Most of us look at those faces through the 3M tinted window glass of our airconditioned cars, make a face, and turn away with indifference. Then we discuss about those 'socially and economically challenged' people in cocktail parties. That is the pity.

mrunalketkar said...

I think if they ban begging.Child labour may increase which is already either this or that but there has to be a permanent solution of the same.

Srikanth Raman said...


I have discovered your blog only now, i know this post is 1 and a half years old. But valuable thoughts and observations are timeless. A very sensitive pen, is writing on these papers (or in this case a sensitive finger on the keyboards..!) Keep writing...i have noticed that you seemed to have stopped post-Dec 07..? Do continue..

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