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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I recently was introduced to orkut by a colleague of mine. Though I was aware of Orkut, never did I imagined that this tool has got possibilities of changing the social netowrking patterns of todays youth.

One it is simple, and quite engaging, two it is so very addictive to simply latch on to it for hours, together. I myself have been frequenting this website very often. As I write this piece of thought, I am wondering where these virtual networking tools are taking us.

When I was a young Adult, I used to crave for a social networking platform, and often that was limited to few close friends, who can make it to my place, because of proximity to my residence. These impromptou meetings were fun, because they were in real world.

Now I am experiencing these meetings virtually.

Does it take away the charm?

Does it make us more virtual ?

Is it not making us, and our children, limiting their physical reach to the outside world, because everything is available virtually?

I happen to learn about this websote called It actually allows you to live a dual life. This virtual life is a replica of your real life, except for the fact that we get a chance to run our own life the way we want to. We become creator of our own life virtually. We become god.

think about it?

Is it not something amazing.

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