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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

how to get things done

It might sound like a typical "street smart" phrase "kam nikalna aana chaiye", but managing a team is much more then that.
Because getting things done from an outsourced vendor is much more easier then getting work done from an internal team.

I am learning the team management traits here, and relishing the learning phase. Basic principal of growth is to "not to do the tried and tested", however that still needs to be done. So who takes the tab. What I mean by "Tried and tested" is basic hygeine work of client servicing, or mere media planning basics.

This is where your team comes handy and useful (in ideal scenario). I say this not because I have a bad team, but I take p:ride in the fact that I have people who think,and who have their own thoughts on business.

I think as a manager of people one needs to understand the fine line of difference between a ruling and hence a mandatory "force down the throat decision" to more democratic and inclusive decision.

After all that is the term "Managers".

I am learning a new chapter in my professional life to drive things through people, and I must say it is a fantastic learning experience. An experience which on one hand teaches me humility and respect for people, on other other hand pushes me to have self confidence and self belief in what I am doing.

A very eclectic mix of people belief and self belief I must say.

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Pure Majick said...

Hi Ashish,

Very interesting piece. Especially in the phase we are in, we need to work hand in hand with our teams. And to do this, we need to not only understand what needs to be got form them but also, what do they want (in terms of learnings, growth etc). Very crucial to point out is to understand the team on a personal a clear insight of what they want not only from work but from life.

This is my point of view :).

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